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Remote Desktop Maintenance Service

The service will involve an engineer connecting to your PC; allowing him to run several real-time scans and dependant on results, will either clean any infection or recommend a bench clean. You stay at home with your machine and watch as we do all of the work!!

A new service from The Laptop Clinic in Blackpool is due to roll out at the end of January and this page has been created to help you understand some of the reasons we have chosen to offer it.

One of the major priorities in the current computer world is the protection of client PCs from the continued and often severe threat of Malware, Viruses, PUPs, Scripts and Adware. Unfortunately people are paying for protection and are simply not protected.

Over the last couple of months, we have been working towards a solution. 

Initially, we were considering protection using several different components which would work independently and would each deal with a particular kind of threat. However, Malware in particular is not static, meaning that the available protection software is out of date in a very short time.

So we have taken a dynamic approach and our remote administration service will become available at the beginning of February 2016.

You can be confident that your data and personal information will remain safe.

The service will require an installation on your machine, some permissions from the PC owner and an Internet connection.

The scans will be automated once the engineer is in control and during this time you will not be able to use the PC. You will however, be able to see what is happening.

This service will be available to buy through eBay and all branches.

Feel free to call us or ask in branch for further information.