Bespoke Desktop PCs

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Laptop and computer repairs are not all we do. Our very successful desktop range are engineered to provide unrivaled performance scoring in the top 15% in the entire world. If you are looking for a quality reliable desktop PC

Look no further: We build for the individual so as an individual you can expect a PC that performs the way you need it to.

Our range starts with the LC1000i. An all round day to day computer. This PC features the latest technology and is highly exyendable. For just £275 this PC includes an Intel Processor (Dual Core) offerring the equivalent of at least 5.5Ghtz, 4Gb of low latency performance ram (extenable to 16Gb), a 500Gb Sata III storage drive, a dual layer DVD Rewriter, a 550Watt switching power supply (Energy Efficient), a highly capable Gigabyte motherboard including Intel HD graphics, all built into a quality air efficient case.

This PC along with all our bespoke builds comes with a 12 month RTB warranty. Many parts have extended warranty all of which we apply if available.

The LC1000i, built by the Laptop Clinic bench engineers scored in the top 13% of all computers tested by PC Pitstop.


The LC2000i features the popular and powerful i3 processor from Intel. 8Gb Low latency performance Ram, a massive 1Tb Sata III storage, full HD graphics, 550 Watt power supply (ROHS80), the amazing Z77/78 Gigabyte motherboard, Dual Layer DVD rewriter and again built into a sturdy and sylish air efficient case.

Once again, this powerhouse computer will pretty nuch run all modern day applications and many modern games. It is also highly extendable and offers some future proof technologies.

The price for the standard LC2000i is just £349.00. You can't be far wrong with a PC such as this.

PC Pitstop measures this PC in the top 10% of all measured computers and we estimate this to be about £60 cheaper than the nearest PC World equivalent model.


Last but not least, the outright performer LC3000i with the highly rated i5 3rg Generation processor. THis processor never ceases to amaze us. On a solid state, it can install Windows 7 in just over 7 minutes. The core runs at 22nm offering 4 individual cores a 3.4Ghtz and even by modern day standards this is simply super fast.

We at the Laptop Clinic developed this base PC with extendability in mind. For the out and out gamer, independant graphics cards can be installed as an addition, Ram can go up to 32Gb which we see as a waste of money, Solid state Sata III hard drives can be added to provide stunning read write performance and should you think the i7 extreme is a better option then it can be installed to this base.

As a standard build, this PC includes, i5 Ivy bridge CPU, 8Gb low latence performance Ram, ITb HDD Sata III, z78 Chipset, 2500HD graphics, 650 Watt Power Supply.

This is a performance PC and scores in the top 6% in the world as standard. Add an Solid State hard drive and now you have a computer that sits in the top 5 % of performance PCs in the world.

The standard LC3000i is just £489.


Things you can be certain of when buying a quality desktop from the Laptop Clinic in Blackpool.